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Meet Dr. Alex Goodhart (Chiropractor)

An American Chiropractor in Hervey Bay

Meet Dr Alex Goodhart (Chiropractor) at Beachside Chiropractic in Hervey Bay

Meet Dr Alex Goodhart (Chiropractor)

As a young man living in New York City, Dr Alex Goodhart (Chiropractor) suffered both a knee injury and unsatisfying answers from surgeons about a solution to his pain. Surgery would either help it or make it worse, they said ambiguously. A friend recommended that Alex try visiting a chiropractor instead.

Alex recalls of his first chiropractic experience, “I walked in on crutches and walked out without them.” This positive experience of corrective chiropractic sparked within him a desire to be able to administer such care himself.

Inspired and determined, he went on to graduate from Western States Chiropractic College in Oregon with what he recalls as “the biggest smile on his face.” Clutching his degree in hand, Alex was ready to embark on a journey of providing supreme chiropractic care, like the care that had diffused his own pain.

Enabling You to Live to Your Fullest Potential

When asked what the most fulfilling part of his career as a chiropractor is, Alex replied, “Helping people… I find fulfillment in taking on patients with tough cases that other doctors, whether medical or chiropractic, have struggled with and I enjoy being able to be the one who helps them.”

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