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Dr Alex Goodhart (Chiropractor) headshot

Meet Dr. Alex Goodhart (Chiropractor)

Discovering Natural Health

When Dr Goodhart was younger, he injured himself and had an orthopaedic surgeon suggest operating, though results couldn’t be guaranteed. Not sure of the surgery, Dr Goodhart wanted to learn more about his other options—this is where chiropractic care came in. Dr Goodhart walked into a chiropractor’s practice on crutches, and left after his adjustment without them.

This is the first time Dr Goodhart experienced the true power of chiropractic care, and it was enough to put him on a path of natural healing for a lifetime as well as influence his future career.

An Education in Chiropractic

Dr Goodhart has been in practice since 1980, graduating from Western States Chiropractic College. He moved to Australia from the United States in 2006, where he took over a local practice. He’s been in his current location in Hervey Bay for the past 10 years, and enjoys helping patients discover how incredible they can feel without the need for drugs or surgery.

Offering Corrective Care

Dr Goodhart is a strong believer in providing corrective care to patients—that is, helping them get well and stay well for a lifetime. Dr Goodhart himself has been a patient of Chiropracti for nearly his entire life, though it wasn’t until he started going regularly that he saw the incredible benefits it brought.

Dr Goodhart will never force care on anyone—he believes in helping you get better when you choose to. However, most patients see the best and most long-lasting results when they choose chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis.
Chiropractic Care

Outside of the Practice

When he isn’t working with patients at Beachside Chiropractic, Dr Goodhart enjoys classic cars, motorcycles and photography—he’s recently joined a local club. He finds incredible beauty in Hervey Bay and enjoys capturing it with the help of a camera.

In addition, Dr Goodhart enjoys strolling local beaches with his dog.

Get to know more about Dr Goodhart and the wonderful balance he can bring to your body when you contact us for your first visit with us.


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